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“Earning with Criconet”


Is a lack of resources affecting your dreams of turning your passion into a career? Can’t relocate to another city training? Don’t worry because Criconet brings you online cricket coaching. Choose a coach from the list, pick a time slot and start learning more!

Live Streaming

You can live stream your local matches and increase your virtual audience. Our live streaming service is seamless, easy-to-use and gives your matches a cricket loving audience online. Once that is up to speed, you might even gain some spectators by word-of-mouth!


Cricket is a unifying force around the world and ignites a passion in many. It is also a popular career choice for cricket enthusiasts as it gives them an opportunity to indulge their love for the game

Criconet has launched e-Coaching (patent applied for) for cricketers who want to learn cricket from square one, and for players who want to improve their game with help from a professional coach. Our core belief is that everyone should be given an opportunity to be the best at what they want to be. We want to make sure everyone who loves cricket has an opportunity to excel at it by making cricket coaching more accessible. We see no reason why a well-deserving cricketer can’t go from being an amateur to a professional and make their dreams come true. Criconet's e-Coaching suits all budgets as well, and our platform focuses on providing an easy access to coaching for potential cricketers everywhere!

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