Criconet launches the hybrid coaching model for cricket fans

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Criconet, India’s first online e-Coaching academy, has announced the launch of its hybrid coaching model for cricket fans.

By tapping into the digital space, the model will enable cricket academies to seamlessly integrate online and offline training modules in sync with the growing demand from students for digital training and engagement models.

The hybrid model will address disruptions caused by pandemics, natural causes or man-made disruptions, offering an effective and flexible alternative to students.

Coaches can create a Criconet remote coaching platform on their networks which will have numerous functions. The coach can monitor multiple networks via the app and provide feedback to the coach on the ground. The session will be recorded and stored in a specially designed database that coaches and students can access later for analysis.

Veer Sagar, president, founder of Criconet’s Selectronic India, said: “Criconet is the first global platform for coaches offering interactive online e-coaching and we are constantly developing new features in collaboration with BCCI accredited coaches on the Criconet platform to increase the benefits and efficiency, this hybrid model evolved in discussions during our last coaching webinar. We have already made an agreement with our first partners in the NCR and hope to finalize some more that are in the works. With this hybrid model, we hope to offer academies the opportunity to offer a circular program. “The coach will be able to provide individual assistance on every particular aspect of the game to students who will virtually reach him in an e-Coaching session on the Criconet app, flexible and fast, where it can offer students personalized technical or tactical coaching sessions.

Criconet has designed and introduced several features in the app to make the integration of e-Coaching to the traditional module efficient and easy to use, in addition to the patent pending Criconet technology that allows coach and student to meet virtually wherever they are, in time. It has an encrypted and secure video sharing function as well as live recording.

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Criconet Launches Hybrid Coaching Model for Cricket Enthusiasts

The hybrid model will address the breaks caused by pandemics, natural causes or man-made disruptions, offering an effective and flexible alternative to students.

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