Who is the most gentlemanly cricketer ever?

Gentleman quality in cricketers.

Posted September 23, 2020 in Sport.

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A gentleman could be defined as a man who is mild, caring, cool in almost every situation, and ofcourse having a sense of responsibleness. Gentlemanship possesses different meanings in different fields. A true gentleman respects everyone irrespective of caste, age, gender, or colour.

A team player is regarded as a true gentleman if he manages well with the team. Cricket as we know is a team game and demands a high level of patience as well as coolness. Many times several players get aggressive on the field and this takes them a step away from this quality. Not only cricket but every sport demands this quality.

Focussing on the main topic of discussion I would say there have been many players since the beginning of cricket who have left their mark as a gentleman. But each one of us has different feelings and emotions and so in our mind, we consider different cricketers as a gentleman. Some may think that having that cool attitude on the field is a quality of true player while others may think that helping opposite team member when in need is a thing to be remembered.

So placing my view on this I would say that even after winning 2019 ICC World Cup it was not an England team player who gained popularity but it was someone from the opposite team(New Zealand)who gained worldwide fame for his generosity. He is none other than Kane Williamson. The New Zealand team lost the finals even after scoring equal runs in the finals due to boundary countback rule. But this man kept his smile on. Also during the post-match conference, he answered every question calmly. The actual words said by him were-“Laugh or cry, it’s your choice, isn’t it?” It is very hard for a captain to not lose cool when you are so close to winning and losing because of a rule. These incidents even made the England team praise the captain and his team. He truly showed the world what a gentleman looks like.


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