Why don't american play cricket

Why don't american play cricket

Posted October 09, 2020 in Cricket News.

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Why don't american play cricket

Cricket is not famous in America. It has the same design of Bat and Ball, same excitement but consumes very less time compared to Cricket which will take 5 days in considering the Test Matches. Cricket was among the more popular sports in America in the mid-19th century, but baseball’s rapid post bellum expansion came at the expense of cricket. Some have argued that the shorter duration of a baseball game, its simpler rules (at least initially), and the fact that it didn’t require dedicated fields helped kill cricket, but these claims are hard to evaluate. The Indian sub-continent the fabled jewel in the crown of the British Empire with it's population of over a billion people is crazy about the sport! For the nation states of Oceania and Southern Africa, cricket is very much the number 1 summer game.American is developed country and it is also hub of the many countries. Football has been high priority in this country. What’s more clear is that marketing played a major role. When a sense of American national identity began to emerge in the decades following the Civil War, along with new communication and transportation technologies, baseball promoters recognized an opportunity. They stitched together some of the existing travelling clubs into the National Association of professional Baseballin1871, and young athletes and fans flocked to the unified league. Today, there are periodic reports of an American cricket revival, and foreign promoters occasionally try to grab a piece of the U.S. market. But useful statistics are hard to come by. The annual Harris poll of sports fans, which ranks football and baseball as America’s favourite sports, doesn’t even offer cricket as an option. A Columbia University survey estimated there are 15million cricket fans nationwide, but it’s not clear how actively engaged those people are in the sport. Baseball’s melting-pot culture was another advantage the sport had over cricket. Cricket was the game Anglo-Americans played to keep their heritage alive. As generations passed, newer immigrants and their children adopted America game, and its ascendancy was aided by a rising sense of U.S. nationalism. New Yorkers who wanted equal time for baseball on the cricket fields of Central Park in 1865 emphasized cricket’s Englishness. However, there is now growing evidence that disputes the claims of the 1907 MLB commission and instead, multiple scholars now believe much of the Doubleday claims to be a myth propagated in the early 20th century to ensure that Baseball became established as the national past-time of America. A countries progress is shown only through a global event called Olympics as the entire world is watching you it's not commonwealth or a mere cricket world cup highlighted in some mere 10 or 15 nations & as corruption is high in India n most sports associations are govt authorized it's difficult but u have to make a statement to add value to any game all have struggled a lot being from poor or lower middle class & middle class families in India 


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