What is your all time best cricket test match team?

Know about the best cricket test match team.

Posted October 10, 2020 in Cricket.

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Shraddha Raval
What is your all time best cricket test match team?

Which test match team is the best of all time?


Test cricket is the style of cricket sport with the longest match length and is considered the highest level of the game. Test matches are played, as decided and awarded by the International Cricket Council (ICC), between national representative teams that have been awarded test status. The word Test is derived from the mental and physical training of the long, grueling matches. A four-inning game is played by two teams of 11 players each, which can last up to five days (or longer in some historical cases). Generally, it is considered the most complete analysis of the resilience and capability of a team. So I am going to disclose the best test matches and the team responsible for it. The amazing match that shook the world of cricketers! 


The one game that had it all, starting with the freak injury on the first morning when Glenn McGrath stood on a ball and injured his ankle, the only reason Kasprowicz played in the first place, the fateful decision of Ricky Ponting to stick England in; the subsequent attack by the batsmen of the home team; the 10 wickets of Shane Warne; the incredible over of Andrew Flintoff when he rejected Ricky Ponting and Steve. 


2001 Eden Gardens, when magic was spelled out by Laxman, Dravid, and Kolkata when his arrival was announced by Harbhajan Singh when they tamed the Invincibles! During Australia’s 1st innings some steps were taken such as Electing to bat first, due to a Harbhajan Singh hat-trick. The Aussies were reduced to 269/8, but thanks to a commanding hundred from Steve Waugh, they recovered well posting a mighty 445. During India’s 1st innings, Except for Laxman (who scored a gritty 59) and was bundled out for a paltry 171, the Indian batsmen could not bear the wrath of the Aussie bowling attack. It was awkward, disgusting, and completely humiliating. The sight was deceiving. The end had come close. Following on with a deficit of 274 runs was inevitable. And rightly so, India was once again asked to bat. With Sachin and Ganguly having failed to inspire, the 2nd inning was not inspiring either. But Laxman (with an unbeaten century) and Dravid brought a sense of equilibrium into the inning at the end of the third day's play. The score was 252-44. 


As he surpassed Sunil Gavaskar's 236, VVS Laxman demonstrated his class, showed his craft, made the entire world watch and the Aussie bowling attack suffer. He was touched by nothing; his art was stunning. Rahul Dravid kept his position upright and went on to complete his 9th-century test. In addition to denying the visitors a wicket in the 90 overs bowled during the day, Laxman and Dravid kept firm, yet also scoring 335 runs, as the home side ended the day on 589 for 4. Test cricket witnessed two of the best batsmen to have graced the Australians head-on with the sport and their magical partnership turned the game on their heads to ensure that India staged one of the greatest escapes in test cricket ever seen.


Laxman got out for a legendary 281 and at a mammoth 657/7, India declared that Australia required 384 runs to win from the remaining 75 overs. Steve Waugh was in good touch and as the Aussie hit 166/3 in 45 overs, the match looked set for a draw. It wasn't to be, though! Like a fury, Harbhajan Singh came in and at the same time dismissed both Waugh and Ponting, causing an Australian collapse from which they never really recovered. There were Aussies all out on 212. The Gardens of Eden were a bundle of joy, and that day, the whole of India exploded. After continuing, India returned and snatched victory from the mouth of the mighty Kangaroos, thereby shattering their record of 16 consecutive test wins. 




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