5 best Left Handers in Cricket

The magic of lefties

Posted October 18, 2023 in Cricket.

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Kannan Nair

Cricket has witnessed its fair share of legendary players, and among them, left-handed cricketers have left an indelible mark on the sport. These players possess a unique style and finesse that sets them apart. In this article, we celebrate the top 5 left-handed cricketers who have graced the cricketing world with their extraordinary talent and skill.


1. Sir Garfield Sobers:

Sir Garfield Sobers is often regarded as one of the greatest all-rounders in cricket history. The West Indian left-hander made his debut in 1954 and had an illustrious career that spanned over two decades. Sobers was known for his elegant batting and impeccable bowling. He scored over 8,000 runs and took 235 wickets in Test cricket. His performance in the 1966 series against England, where he scored an astonishing 722 runs in just five innings, remains etched in cricketing folklore.


2. Brian Lara:

Brian Lara, hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, is widely considered one of the most stylish and prolific batsmen in the history of cricket. He holds the record for the highest individual Test score, a remarkable 400 not out. Lara's elegant cover drives and effortless strokeplay captivated audiences worldwide. His contribution to West Indies cricket is immeasurable, and he remains an iconic figure in the sport.


3. Kumar Sangakkara:

Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara is another left-hander who left an indelible mark on the cricketing world. Known for his impeccable technique and consistency, Sangakkara scored over 28,000 runs in international cricket, including a staggering 63 international centuries. He was not only a prolific run-scorer but also an astute captain and a brilliant wicketkeeper. His impact on Sri Lankan cricket is immeasurable.


4. Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj Singh, an Indian left-hander, is celebrated for his incredible match-winning performances in limited-overs cricket. He played a pivotal role in India's victory in the inaugural ICC T20 World Cup in 2007 and the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. Yuvraj's ability to both score runs and take crucial wickets made him an invaluable asset for the Indian team. His six consecutive sixes in an over during the 2007 T20 World Cup remains one of the most iconic moments in the sport's history.


5. Alastair Cook:

Alastair Cook, an English left-handed opening batsman, is known for his remarkable consistency and resilience at the crease. Cook holds numerous records, including being England's all-time leading run-scorer in Test cricket. He played a crucial role in England's historic Ashes win in Australia in 2010-11 and led the English team to several memorable victories. Cook's dedication and work ethic have earned him a special place in the hearts of cricket fans.



Left-handed cricketers have played a pivotal role in shaping the sport's history, and the five mentioned above are among the finest to have ever graced the field. Their unique styles, extraordinary talents, and unwavering commitment have made them legends of the game. While many more left-handed cricketers have contributed significantly to their teams, these five stand out as the best left-handers in the history of cricket, leaving an enduring legacy for future generations to admire and emulate.

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