Key points to improve Cricket Batting Techniques and Tips

In this blog, you will learn about the different ways to improve your batting style. Here are some shared cricket batting techniques and tips which every player should follow to make a good mark on the field and score more runs.

Posted June 07, 2021 in Cricket Training.

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Key points to improve Cricket Batting Techniques and Tips

Cricket is the most popular sport to be considered in the present time. Whether it be international matches or one-day test matches for spectators the most fascinating part is the batting on the cricket field. Batting is very important to score runs and win the match. The player who bats well wins the hearts. But doing constant batting and hitting sixes is a hard task to achieve. For such a performance, the player needs to have great energy, patience and the right technique to get the right shot. Having the right cricket coaching course can help a player to achieve his dreams. With playing cricket here are some of the major points and ways to improve your cricket batting style

Stance: While playing cricket, it is very important for the player to know its stance. Stance is the art or skill by which the player knows how to improve its posture while hitting the ball, score runs and protect oneself from injury. With improving stance it becomes easy to transfer weight according to the position of the ball. Doing proper stance according to the body posture helps the player to be safe from injuries and let the player hit in different directions easily.

Focus: Focus is the key element that is needed everywhere to attain success in every field. Moreover, it cannot be attained in a day. It takes a lot of hard work and regular practice to attain such a good thing. While batting the mere focus should be on the ball so that you may not lose control and take the ball in the right direction without hurting yourself. Because while batting. Focus helps you adjust according to the ball position and take the right shot.

Hold/ Grip of the Bat: Bat is an important component for a player to do batting. When batting, it is very important to know how to hold the bat. The wrong position for holding a bat can do harm and pull you out of the game. Holding the bat depends on the dominant hand you use for other activities. Different forms of grips are there but the most common form for holding a bat is the ‘V’ shape of your thumb and other fingers to be placed. Keeping this shape allows the player to get a good grip of the bat and align the bat in the right way.

Exercise: With all such things, exercise is also an important thing that needs to be taken seriously for improving strength and holding onto the bat for a long time. Fatigue, weakness is one of the most known factors when players quit or get injured on the cricket field. Backlifts, pushups and other exercises keep the arms, legs strong, flexible. Moreover, it also helps players to make long shots and increase their speed.                

Among such mentioned Cricket Batting Techniques and Tips there are other ways to improve your cricket batting style as well which needs to be fulfilled for doing a great cricket movement. For learning batting skills and techniques online cricket coaching and mentoring are available where players can learn the most advanced techniques and adapt accordingly. Criconet is one of the best online cricket coaching providers where you get BCCI certified coaches that teach you the sharp skills for any player to have on the cricket ground. They provide an e-coaching platform where interested candidates can enrol for the event by selecting their coach and interacting with the cricket enthusiasts and sharing their experience.   

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