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Become a Good Bowler with Online Cricket Coaching

Posted June 14, 2021 in Coaching.

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Cricket Bowling Tips & Techniques to Become a Good Bowler with Online Cricket Coaching

Cricket is the most lovable sport in the present time and most of the sportsperson look forward to becoming a successful cricket player. Batting and bowling are the major things to be kept in the cricket ground while playing. It takes time and develops expertise skills to get to such a height. Bowling is an action taken by the bowler to propel the ball towards the wicket. Bowling techniques are gradually of three types:

(i) Side-on
(ii) Front-on
(iii) Mixed

There are various sorts of bowlers, from quick bowlers, whose essential weapon is pace, through swing and crease bowlers who attempt to make the ball go astray in its course through the air or when it skips, to moderate bowlers, who will endeavor to mislead the player with an assortment of flight and twist. A spin bowler typically conveys the ball gradually and puts it ready, making it turn at a point while bouncing off the pitch.   

Tips To follow for Fast and Straight Bowling

For fast and clean bowling here are some of the tips that need to be followed:

1. Hanging on to the ball for a long time is a good way to maximize the capacity for holding the ball; it is also helpful in creating large arm pull to increase flexibility in arms.

2. Front Bowlers tend to have more ground speed as compared to sideway bowlers. Because fronton bowlers do not need to jump high and turn their back foot on sides. Along, it becomes easy to shift the weight from back foot to front foot.

3. While throwing the ball, do not try to throw the ball past the 12-hour clock figure. As doing past the 12 hour figure it reduces both speed and accuracy. Bowling below the 12-hour clock figure clears the insights and improves accuracy.

4. By pumping elbows and arms while running helps in lining the momentum and prevents unnecessary movements and alignment in a straight line.

5. Full rotation of the shoulders should be done in complete action because they help in keeping the ball in a line and straight.

6. Non-bowling arm is as important as the bowling one. It should be properly used and driven down to pass along the side. Also it should not be taken too high as it gets the player off the balance and affects timing as well.

7. Bowling imagining a railway track will help to run you straight up and keep the weight moving in a straight line and ball goes in the right direction as well.    

Cricket Bowling Tips & Techniques with Criconet

In today’s time everything is going digital, people become more interactive and responsive on such platforms. Moreover, they find it more optimum and flexible to utilize such digital techniques. Cricket is one of the skills which are difficult to attain but with regular practice it can be done easily. Criconet is one of the best online cricket learning platforms where you learn cricket techniques at its best. They have top- level BBCI coaches that share their expertise skills through the e-coaching platform and you learn the best skills at your home. Register today at and start learning. 

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