Basics Methods For Batting In Cricket

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Posted July 10, 2021 in Cricket.

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Basics Methods For Batting In Cricket

Why is batting such a sought-after skill in cricket? This is because of two main reasons – the players get to score while catching the attention of the entire team as well as the spectators. Do you not dream of hitting a century when you see a batsman doing it on screen? We know you do. It must feel exhilarating to hit your first century and even the ones that follow. It requires correct techniques, a lot of hard work, passion, and the zeal to learn continuously.

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Moving on to the actual game, batting involves some basic methods. Continue reading to learn about these basics if you’re new to the game. It is also important to remember that simply reading this guide will not help you. You must get up and practice these batting methods along with reading them.

The Grip Method:

  • Hold the top of the handle with your hands closed together.
  • Top hand should have a very firm grip.
  • Fingers and thumb of both hands should be clasped around the handle in a V shape.
  • The Vs formed should be in line half way between the outside edge of the bat and the splice. 

The Stance Method:

  • Set your feet slightly apart.
  • Flex your knees just a little.
  • Weight evenly distributed on the balls of the feet – not the heels.
  • Eye level should be square towards the line of delivery.
  • Toe of the bat should be on the ground.

 The Back Lift Method:

  • Front shoulder and elbow should be pointing towards bowler.
  • Bat must be raised and pushed back over the middle stump.
  • Keep your head still.
  • When opening, point with the face of the bat.
  • Keep your forearm parallel to the ground.
  • Elbow away from the body.

Refrain from making any movements until you’ve chosen which stroke you want to play.

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