Why to book Online Cricket e-Coaching Session with BCCI Accredited Coaches on Criconet

Criconet is one of the fine online cricket coaching and mentoring platform for cricket lovers who want to pursue their dream of becoming a cricketer but have limited sources. Criconet is the right online cricket coaching platform for such passionate people. Get live interactive online sess

Posted October 08, 2021 in Cricket Training.

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Why to book Online Cricket e-Coaching Session with BCCI Accredited Coaches on Criconet

Online cricket coaching; no one has ever thought of it. Earlier given it requires one to be in-ground properly dressed, up and about. But with the advancement in technology and as pandemic forced us to widespread closures and lockdowns, we have found a great alternative in this form, to carry forward our coaching tasks and learning streak. Learning cricket skills to build a career is no easy way and there is the youth who lack proper resources which hamper them from walking through their ambitions in the field.

Cricket is a tremendously popular game which brings people from various continents and cultures together and now, it involves a great deal of fame and money too, for those inclined towards the game. IPL is simply the culmination of cricket bonanza where players of all levels are sold and traded. But across India, similar tales filled with gloom and frustration can be heard as there is no dearth of talent and hard work but still, scarcity of resources and opportunities restraint youth from running ahead towards field glory.  

But to ease things and to flatten hurdles, an online cricket coaching academy is launched by Criconet, where one can simply connect with to unleash.

Why should I look nearby cricket coaching?

With Criconet, an online e-Coaching Cricket Academy makes cricket coaching simple nearby to you even though their office is located in South Delhi, but with a smartphone and internet connection, you can easily register to unlock the premier and authentic cricket coaching streaming right in front of you with BCCI accredited coaches having tremendous experience.  

Until a few years back, cricket coaching was limited to rich big cities as most of the prominent cricket icons inhabit such urban centres replete with comfort and sophistication, as their bat and ball craft gathered flow while tens of thousands of youth from rural places felt deprived of such top-performing cricket coaching.

What are the salient features of Criconet or what makes Criconet as outstanding to aspiring cricketers?

Clearly, many aspects are favourable to the youth of today and which makes Criconet as the widely sought online cricket coaching and mentoring platform for cricket lovers who simply wish to make a splash in the field for glory and success (remember money is the by-product of success).

For example:

  • On this platform, a range of coaches are listed with their price and youth can easily select their favourite as per their budget and needs.
  • We can get flexible with our training schedule with this platform on our side in the form of an app downloaded in our smartphone and preferred time slot, go for our online cricket coaching app today.
  • Getting trained online is an economical way to learn and to shed sweat before facing the baller and the batsman live on the ground.
  • Criconet is pretty cost-effective and youth need not spend a huge amount to dream big with hard work and perseverance, success does get to you.
  • Different training categories are created for training or for such indoor cricket coaching on the basis of age groups and specific training needs, such as level 1 cricket coaching course online.  
  • Students get live training from distinguished coaches who are authorized to carry out cricket online cricket coaching and this is one of its types of platforms to impart cricket training at reasonable prices and to ultimate learners’ satisfaction.

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