Ee Sala Cup Namde!

Why has RCB not WON a single IPL Title in 14 years?  

Posted March 30, 2022 in Cricket.

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Kannan Nair
Ee Sala Cup Namde!

There have been 10 different teams who have participated in India’s most watched domestic league, The INDIAN PREMIERE LEAGUE but not all of those 10 Teams were lucky enough to hold the trophy at the end of the season. Not to forget 4 such teams, who participated for a year or two and had to leave the league with ZERO success. However, there have been 2 such teams whom we can call the most successful teams in the IPL, The Mumbai Indians & The Chennai Super Kings, who have won the most anticipated Indian Domestic league 5 & 4 times respectively. Whilst, there have been teams like KKR who have won it 2 times & teams like Rajasthan Royals, Deccan Chargers and Sunrisers Hyderabad who were able to get their hands on the trophy only once in these 14 years!


Out of the rest of the teams, RCB has been one team, which has shown promise for years now and have ended up choking in the crunch situations. While their fans have stayed as loyal as any girlfriend would want her boyfriend to be but have ended up hurting their feelings with each passing year. Though the fans have come back stronger every year with the same slogan for the past 15 years – “Ee Sala Cup Namde.”

Today we will deep dive into RCB’s performances over the years & will try and figure out the top 3 reasons why they couldn’t end up on the other side of the road.

  1. Balance – Be it a normal human being walking on his/her two feet or riding a motorcycle or the balance between eating & overeating, We all need to have to right the balance in doing even the slightest of task in our day to day life. However, this very balance has been lacking in every playing 11 that the RCB team has opted on the field. In their most successful season, Namely the 2011 & 2016, They have had the most powerful squad but have failed to optimize the same, they have always been too top heavy with all gun batters with the likes of Gayle, ABD, Shane Watson, KL rahul and no real bowlers who can win them games with the ball in any of the season to be honest.
  2. Not backing players – Can we imagine a team who once had Jacques kallis, Zaheer khan, Rahul Dravid, Kevin Peterson, KL Rahul, Daniel vettori, Mayank Agarwal, Shane Watson, Tilakratne Dilshan, Brendon Mccullum, Chris Gayle and the newest entrant in the list Yuzvendra Chahal, there might be many more too whom I might have missed upon because the list is looooooong!!! They all have been part of RCB at some point or the other & RCB have failed to shower their trust and belief in them by not giving them a longer rope. Moreover, Jacques kallis, Brendon McCullum & Shane Watson after being leftover by RCB went on to win the IPL titles with KKR & CSK respectively.
  3. Poor Auction Strategy – This is one thing that isn’t actually a controllable part but they have made a mess of this too even with the slightest controllable things. For the past 5 to 6 years, RCB has always been a strong batting team and have failed to secure those wicket taking or nerve wrecking bowlers in their squad. But they have never made an attempt to secure such bowlers either nor a proper All rounder. Parthiv Patel recently spilled the beans on Virat Kohli ignoring Jasprit Bumrah in 2014 quoting “Ye bumrah vumrah kya karenge?” They even bought Kylie Jamieson & Tymal mills for 10+ Crore only to leave them out for next season, Again not backing them long enough.


The RCB fans might just have more than the above 3 reasons to justify their team’s loss, And we are all EARS for those loyal RCB Fans. Mention below your top 3 reason why RCB has not been able to go over the line in IPL for the past 14 Years.

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