Who provides coaching to the cricketers on Criconet?

Criconet has a feature which is not available on any of the other cricketing websites currently. The feature is that of coaching.

Posted August 28, 2020 in Coaching.

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Satyapal Singh
Who provides coaching to the cricketers on Criconet?

This coaching is carried out by a panel of coaches who have played for India both Test and OD and Ranji Trophy along with coaches of current and ex cricketers and National level coaches and U 16 & U 19 Team Selector. This feature can be availed by those who are aspiring to be cricketers. With this wide variety of coaches, many of whom have coached at the highest level of cricket, this coaching feature that is exclusively provided by criconet can be very helpful in building up the skills and temperament to succeed at that level.


These coaches analyse your skills and help you in the technical nature of cricket that includes your footwork, head positioning, bat movement, elbow movement along with all the other technical aspects associated with becoming a great cricketer. There is also the added feature of nets which is provided by criconet. On nets one can see the batsman or bowler taking guard and playing and they can learn from these players while seeing them practice live. You can also show yourself live on nets if you think you have the technical abilities and the coaching abilities to help other cricketers.

With regards to the coaching feature offered by criconet you can avail it and you can contact the coaches at anytime you want in order for your game to keep improving. Since there are selectors also who are a part of the coaching process, you have a very excellent chance of being seen and recognized by these selectors which can help push you towards the big stage. Also since they are selectors they can help you come realise what you need in order to improve your game and come in the radar of other selectors.

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