What is your favourite moment in cricket?

Find out some of the favorite moments that have taken place in cricket.

Posted September 04, 2020 in Cricket.

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What is your favourite moment in cricket?

  Cricket has provided cricket lovers with a lot of moments which are still remembered fondly over time. Whether it is someone from their own team or whether it is someone from the rival team, there have been some moments which have united cricket lovers over some moment that has taken place on the cricket field. Below is a list of a few moments which are still remembered. 

  • Who can forget Misbah-ul-Haq scooping the ball from Joginder Sharma in the last over in the ICC T20 World Cup to hand India the victory and the trophy in the first ever T20 world cup. 


  • Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket becoming the first ever batsman to hit a double century in ODI cricket against South Africa. 


  • Rohit Sharma blasted away to 264 against Sri Lanka in an innings which was testament to the fact that it is not far that someone will be able to make 300 in ODI cricket. 


  • The iconic runout of Inzaman-ul-Haq by Johnty Rhodes in the 1992 World Cup is probably the most iconic image of that World Cup and which was a testament to his “best fielder ever” tag. 


  • Harbhajan Singh took a hat trick in the Kolkata Test in 2001 to help India beat Australia who were on the back of 16 consecutive Test wins and also helping India become the third team ever in the history of Test cricket to win a test after following on. 


  • Saurav Ganguly, taking off his jersey after India defeated England to take home the Natwest Trophy in 2002 on the balcony of Lords is one of the most iconic moments in cricket. 


  • MS Dhoni hitting Kulasekara for a six and in the process guiding India to its 2nd ICC World Cup Trophy after 28 years with Ravi Shashtri’s voice booming in the background. 

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