Which Four Teams will qualify for the IPL 2020 play-offs?

Out of eight teams competing against each other, only the best will survive. Which four teams will qualify for the play-offs 2020?

Posted October 09, 2020 in IPL.

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Which Four Teams will qualify for the IPL 2020 play-offs?

IPL 2020 play-offs

The IPL tournament involves each team playing every other team twice in a double round-robin format. At the conclusion of the double round-robin league, on the basis of aggregate points, the top four teams qualify for the playoffs. In this stage, the top two teams compete with each other in a couple of qualifiers. The winners of these subsequent Qualifiers matches move onto the final match. The team that wins the final match is crowned as the Indian Premier League champion.

The qualifying teams for IPL 2020 have been an ongoing topic for quite sometime now. Looking at the present situation, it may be anyone’s game. IPL has been known to be a game changer. No team can be judged on the basis of one match. A team carrying the expectations of many may crash, while an underground may conquer it all.

This year Delhi capitals stands first on the scoreboard, with four wins and only one loss. It was only Last year that Delhi Capitals had shown their potential for the first time in their IPL history. They reached the playoffs after finishing in the top three in the points table. But, due to lack of experience and not enough veteran Indian players, they didn’t reach the finals and lost the eliminator against Chennai Super Kings by 6 wickets. But this year they are one of the favourites in the ongoing IPL 2020 edition Because they have traded veteran Indian players like R Ashwin and Ajinkya Rahane who will give stability to the team based on their experience. This year they are showing their potential again and we are hoping they win their maiden IPL title.

RCB may turn out to be underdogs in the competition since they had a low performance last season. But looking at their history, RCB has been runner up thrice out of their 5 playoff appearances in the league. They are in a good position this season with three wins and two losses. Getting most of their bases covered in the last auction, RCB looks balanced and a team with a good blend of experience and youth. With the flamboyant Aaron Finch at the top and Parthiv Patel, RCB has a left-right hand opening combination. And not to be forgotten, they have the omnipotent and one-for-the-ages duo of the mighty Indian skipper, Virat Kohli and fans-favourite, ABD. By a cursory look at their squad, RCB appears to be in serious contention for the playoffs this year.

After coming from Banned, Chennai Super Kings had won their third IPL title in 2018 and they were also a finalist in the last season of IPL. They have also been the favourites in the IPL since the IPL has started, because of Mahi, the captain cool. 10 appearances, 8 finals, 3 titles, and 5 times runner up, there is no team more successful than the ‘Yellow Army’. In the beginning of the tournament, the team had some hiccups due to the pandemic situation, where few of the team members tested covid-19 positive. This in turn affected their practice and overall form. But, if cricket has taught us anything, it is to never write a team off. With three losses and two wins, CSK is showing a promising comeback as seen in their last performance. If they continue to play with the same fire, CSK is a sure entrant in the playoffs.

And finally, last season’s winner, Mumbai Indians is obviously one of the favourites in the ongoing IPL 2020 Edition. They are one of the most reliable and consistent teams in the history of the tournament. Mumbai Indians have always been smart in their approach to the auctions. While adding some exciting and young players, they have ensured to not loosen their grip on the core. With three wins and two losses in the tournament, Mumbai Indians hold the second position on the scoreboard with six points. If they continue with their dazzling performance in the competition, the four-time-winning team is a sure-shot contender of making it in the playoffs, and also win the title nonetheless.

As I’ve said before, cricket is a very uncertain game. We just cannot be sure about what might happen the other day. Every ball, every over can be a game changer. It will be very exciting to watch which team makes it to the playoffs. Till then let’s enjoy every game as it comes!

-Abigail Gretel Soares.

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