Top 5 Run chases in ODI cricket history

Unimaginable run chases

Posted September 22, 2023 in Cricket.

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Kannan Nair


  • Cricket, often dubbed a game of glorious uncertainties, has witnessed some of its most exhilarating moments during run-chases in One Day Internationals (ODIs). The sheer thrill of pursuing a challenging target and the pressure-cooker situations make run-chases a captivating spectacle for cricket fans worldwide. In this blog, we relive the top 5 greatest run-chases in ODI history that have etched themselves into the annals of the sport.


**1. South Africa vs. Australia - March 12, 2006 (438/9)**


Johannesburg, March 12, 2006, is a date etched in cricketing folklore. Australia, batting first, amassed a colossal 434/4, a record-breaking total at the time. Captain Ricky Ponting led the charge with a sublime century. South Africa, faced with the monumental task of chasing 435, produced an unforgettable performance. Herschelle Gibbs (175) and Graeme Smith (90) set the tone, and then, the lower order, guided by Mark Boucher and Johan van der Wath, completed a historic chase with just one wicket to spare. South Africa reached 438/9, sealing a victory that showcased the magic of ODI cricket.


**2. India vs. England - January 19, 2013 (325/5)**


In a high-voltage ODI at the picturesque Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium in Dharamsala, England set a formidable target of 325 for India. What followed was a masterclass in run-chasing by India's dynamic duo, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Kohli's sensational 77 and Sharma's breathtaking 83 ensured India achieved the target with 15 balls to spare. Their partnership of 167 runs mesmerized the crowd and underscored their prowess as one of the finest chasing pairs in modern cricket.


**3. West Indies vs. Australia - May 26, 2019 (331/5)**


In a 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup match in Nottingham, Australia posted a competitive total of 288/10. The West Indies, known for their flair and power-hitting, accepted the challenge. Shai Hope (68) and Nicholas Pooran (40) laid the foundation, but it was a blistering 162* off 97 balls by Carlos Brathwaite that left fans in awe. Needing 8 off the final over, Brathwaite nearly pulled off a miraculous victory with a flurry of boundaries, but was caught at the boundary, leaving the West Indies just short. Nevertheless, this chase showcased the Windies' never-say-die spirit and their ability to make the impossible seem attainable.


**4. India vs. Sri Lanka - July 7, 2013 (364/4)**


In the "Emerald Isle" of Sri Lanka, India faced an imposing target of 364 in the final of the 2013 tri-series. Virat Kohli, in one of the greatest ODI innings of all time, played an extraordinary knock. Kohli remained unbeaten on 183, anchoring India's chase. His breathtaking strokes and remarkable control under pressure led India to a sensational 5-wicket victory with just 3 balls to spare. This match cemented Kohli's reputation as a chase-master extraordinaire.


**5. Pakistan vs. India - March 1, 2003 (273/7)**


In an intense encounter during the 2003 Cricket World Cup, Pakistan faced arch-rivals India. Chasing India's 273, Pakistan's Saeed Anwar and Sachin Tendulkar played crucial roles. Anwar's elegant 101 and Tendulkar's gritty 98 laid the foundation. However, it was Inzamam-ul-Haq's composed and match-winning innings of 60* that guided Pakistan to a memorable 3-wicket victory. This thrilling chase remains etched in the memories of cricket fans as one of the most iconic clashes between the two cricketing giants.


These remarkable run-chases in ODI cricket have transcended boundaries, capturing the essence of the sport's drama and unpredictability. They exemplify the beauty of cricket as a contest where the pendulum can swing dramatically in either direction, and where individuals can rise to legendary status with their performances under pressure.


In these matches, we witnessed the unyielding spirit of cricketers, the breathtaking artistry of batsmanship, and the electrifying atmosphere of stadiums. They remind us why ODI cricket continues to be a source of excitement and inspiration for fans and players alike.


As cricket enthusiasts, we cherish these moments when heroes emerge from the crucible of a run-chase, turning ordinary matches into extraordinary battles. These chases are not just numbers in the record books; they are the heartbeat of a sport that continues to unite millions with its thrilling narrative of chase and conquest.

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