The Best Indian Cricket Commentator.

While cricketers perform to entertain the audience with their game, it is there is a man who has made storytelling of the game equally important as the performers of the story. who do you think it is? Read to find out.

Posted October 12, 2020 in Cricket.

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The Best Indian Cricket Commentator.

The Best Indian Cricket Commentator.

Any cricket match is incomplete without the man in the box, who keeps the audience at the end of their chair, eyes glued to the television, while his voice plays in the background, updating every move the players make, every step they take-He is the commentator, the man behind the scenes.

The first name that comes to my mind at the mention of word commentary, is one of the greatest of all times, Mr. Harsha Bhogle. He has been fondly designated as “The voice of Indian cricket” and has been the front man for ESPN star cricket telecasts from the day it was launched in India. It is the magic of his voice which made him the first Indian commentator to be invited by an Australian Broadcast House to commentate in an India-Australia series. He has been rated the most popular commentator in many polls and surveys and was nominated for having the sexiest voice in the Australian Radio.

While cricketers perform to entertain the audience with their game, it is Harsha Bhogle who has made storytelling of the game equally important as the performers of the story. He brings a fresh perspective to cricket and is seen as a voice of reason which makes him acceptable across all cultures, be it western or Indian. He is one of the very few commentators who've never played cricket at that level. In fact, he's the only one with no real background in cricket. However, he's knowledgeable, great with stats and presents very logical and balanced views. He is a brilliant mind with observant eyes and a striking voice.

Harsha Bhogle has commentated on more than 500 international matches. This includes approximately 400 One Day Internationals, 100 test Matches and has been closely associated with T20 cricket, right from the first game that India played, through six IPL tournaments, five Champions Leagues and five T-20 World Cups. He was there for India’s first test match as well as during Sachin’s farewell Test match.

Apart from commentary, he is a very active journalist. His blogs are amongst the most accurate and his stories give the greatest coverage. His columns are widely read and a selection of those have been put together in a popular book titled “Out of the Box”. His video blogs “Step Out with Harsha” were quite popular and he now has more than a million followers on twitter.

He has, at various times, been in brand commercials for Pepsi, Hero Honda, Airtel, Tata-AIG, Sugar Free, Procter & Gamble and has done brand promotions for Vodafone, Cadbury, IBM and many others and is now invested in a sports platform called fantasy Akhada and will also be the brand ambassador for the same for the next two years.

Harsha Bhogle has been the voice of Indian cricket for more than three decades. Starting off his career as a radio commentator, he made a seamless transition into the world of television commentary and has gone on to become one of the most-followed sports commentators across the globe. Over the years, he has proved to be one of the best commentators the Cricket world has seen. Today, his voice echoes in the hearts of all cricket lovers across the globe.

-Abigail Gretel Soares


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