Sports Nutrition and Its Importance

In this blog we will be talking about Sports Nutrition and its importance

Posted July 03, 2021 in Sport.

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Yashashvi Kashyap
Sports Nutrition and  Its Importance

Hi guys, hope you all are doing great. Here we will be understanding sports nutrition, its benefits, and why it is important in the modern world.

We all are aware of the fact that the level of sports and athletes has moved to a completely another level which we could not even imagine back around 7 to 8 years. In terms of skills, speed, strength, agility, and fitness it has very much transformed the level of sports.

What do you guys think, how are they able to maintain such levels and consistency in their sport besides the physical work on the ground. 

Obviously, it's Sports Nutrition, we all have been familiar with this term nutrition during our school days, let us try to recall it a bit. NUTRITION is the process of getting all the essential required nutrients from our food in order to for our body to function optimally.

Now let us try to understand SPORTS NUTRITION. It is a practice of diet and nutrition with regards to improving one's athletic performance. In more simple terms, It can be defined as a practice of diet and nutrition to fuel an athlete for best performance and to optimally recover from post-training or after an event.

Now as young growing athletes, we often forget or tend to neglect the importance of sports nutrition and its benefits. We have to understand the fact that the type and the quality of food or nutrition you provide to your body, will reflect on the field as an outcome of your performance. The better you fuel your body the better your performance will be, I do not mean to say that skills and other physical aspects do not matter. They do, but for you as an athlete to achieve your best you got to make a balance of everything in your sport.

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Now for instance, you as an athlete during your traning sessions can deadlift 100 kg for 10 reps and with three sets. You are able to achive this target with ease and after your workout the nutrition you take i.e post workout is optimally supporting your muscle recovery to get back for the next session. Now it has been a decent ammount of time and you wish to increase the weight, like now you want to deadlift 120kg with 8 reps for three sets. So now in orede for you to achive it your body will be requiring more fuel as it would require more effort and your muscles will have to build extra muscle fibers in order to support that lift. Here is when your sports nutrition will come into play, which will decide that will you be able to achive it without any injury or not.

While considering Sports Nutrition, there are several components of it which you as an athlete has to take care of.

• Your daily Calorie Intake

• Yor macronutrient ratio i.e (Protein : Carbohydrates : Fats)

• Your daily fluid intake, such as water, energy drings etc

• Your Pre, Post and during the activity nutrition

I will be discussing about some of these topics more in detail in my next post and you can also let me know if you guys want to know more about these concepts. 

You can book an online session with me and I will be there to help and guide you.

Hope the above information was helpful and able to give you guys a breif introduction to Sports Nutrition. 

Till then, Take care, Stay Safe

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