The Pandemic and Its Drastic Impact on Aspiring Young Kids

Amidst the pandemic, Criconet is an online cricket e-Coaching platform to learn and improve skills while sitting in home from BCCI Accredited Coaches.

Posted October 13, 2021 in Cricket Training.

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The world woke up to a contagious calamity on 31st December of 2019 which devoured it and humanity succumbed to it.

The pandemic evidently impacted the mental health of people worldwide in a drastic manner. The world descended into cataclysmic times where an ocean of people became more susceptible than ever to anxiety, depression, stress and PTSD. Young minds are more vulnerable and have expressed feelings of disappointment and “persistent sadness” when talking about their futures. With schools, colleges, playgrounds, recreational places shut, youngsters are confined within the four walls of their houses, dwelling in isolation and unending boredom.


To coerce them out of this involuntary isolation is a mammoth task but can be achieved by chartering in hybrid learning. 

What is this, you ask? Hybrid learning is simply an amalgamation of technology with education. When initially introduced to children through platforms such as Zoom, for them it came with the promise of not having to go to school. “Wonderful!” they thought. 


Hybrid coaching or e-Coaching, just like hybrid learning, is quickly emerging as an alternative to traditional coaching to induce normality to humanity. Hybrid coaching makes it convenient to continue with one's training without stepping out of the house. One can fish out their device and start their coaching in the blink of an eye. The opportunities provided by e-Coaching are infinite as one can stream live coaching sessions with their preferred coaches, and engage in an interactive session, discussing about their doubts, the necessary process that has to be undertaken to achieve one’s dreams and many more interesting tricks to find loopholes through an inescapable situation when standing on the cricket field, which could only be learnt from an experienced and expert in the respective field. Furthermore, e-Coaching is more affordable than an academic coaching, and it would not drill a hole into one’s wallet, rather one can still realize their dreams amidst the pandemic’s drastic impact on the world economy. E- Coaching  supplements learning even when one is unable to attend a live session through the provisions of downloadable files, videos and audios, reviewing of the recordings of the live sessions through browsing into the archives and never miss out on essentials information even on absence. It also complements one lifestyle as timings are flexible that  gives students and the coaches to sort out their day in a methodological manner.


One amongst the types of hybrid coaching available is Criconet’s e-Coaching. Aspiring cricketers can register for online coaching for free, and book their training sessions at affordable prices. Not only that, Criconet gives them the opportunity to engage with BCCI Accredited coaches adept in different arenas of cricket.


Criconet’s e-Coaching is a premier concept which focuses on interactive, one-on-one training. There isn’t another platform doing what Criconet does. Criconet’s e-Coaching is not a tutorial, nor is it a series of downloadable videos. It is live coaching with both the coach and the student visible on the same screen - a feature incorporated to make the experience as interactive as possible.


The hindrance caused by the pandemic and lockdowns can be run out, and will no longer field in the way of young cricket aspirants and their dreams.

Young dreams are delicate, and forever on the verge of withering away, only now with Criconet, they won’t.

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