Why do most Indians like cricket?

Popularity of Cricket among Indians.

Posted August 28, 2020 in Sport.

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The above question doesn’t need answer as we all are already familiar with the popularity of the sport in India. It is a leading global sport proficient in entertaining people of all age groups. The most cherished sport is absolutely a gentleman’s game. The game is not limited to players that play but viewers are equally involved in the game. But have you ever thought why this is the most followed sport in our country? Let’s go deep into the roots and ponder on the facts from where all this began.

Actually it started because of the British rule in the country and as you all know that Britishers introduced this game to Indians.

But gradually as time passed people over here started developing interest in the game. Also because it was a group game it engaged several people and hence like minds started engaging more and more people into it. So this was one story behind the cricket’s rise in the country.  

In the previous years the Indian national team has brought many laurels in the country which lead to increased popularity of game in the country. The win of World Cup in 1983 , 2011 boosted citizen’s love for the game.

Apart from this the game always had a connection with money. Cricket players are handsomely played than other sport players in India. This became one of the other reasons that every other individual wants to be a cricket player.

Cricket has evolved as a “Gully Game” in India. You can find groups of individuals playing cricket in every other colony and street. People here idealize cricket players and sometimes  treat them as god. That’s the reason the world crowned renowned player Sachin Tendulkar as “God of Cricket”.

Cricket became so popular in India that Board of Cricket Control in India(BCCI) decided to launch Indian Premier League(IPL). Several online platforms like Dream11 were given a chance because of this league. Such platforms not only bring more audience in the game but also improve the cricket culture in the country.

Also these facts gives us a clear reason of popularity of cricket in India.


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